Callow (2011)

by Grappler

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released August 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Grappler London, UK

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Track Name: Callow
No protection from a father who doesn’t care

What do you expect from someone who’s never there

The boy was led to a house, by a pack of wolves

Who tore apart his strength of character

So without help from anyone

He broke inside the home, strayed from the path

His Mother struck a match and started the fire that finished him

Someone save me

How can I cope with ash and smoke that blind my vision and make me choke

My lungs are dry, no breath to scream. No one’s coming here to save me

Weak as a child orphaned young. Parents left him, just a burden

So much rage bottled up. Too small to fight, he’ll never make it

And i’m sorry God for all my wrongs, but can’t you see i’ve not lived long

I’ve tried before to send you prayer, but now i think there’s no one there

No happy ending for the boy. Life’s not that simple, never is

He shuts his eyes, begins to dream of an ending where he lives
Track Name: Neon
You sell your God so easily, like this will help you fucking preach to me

A system built on guilt and fear, constantly reminding us that death is near

It makes me sick to think that you once had a fucking grip on me, stuck in the palm of your hand

So paint your halls with gold. I know it’s nothing more than bricks and stone
Track Name: Trials
We pushed too hard and now we’re giving up

Nothing here looks the same as before

The same routine, but now our souls are torn

Nothing here feels the same as before

We’re tired, strained and out of luck

My throat is dead, what do we do this for?

Nothing here feels the same as before

They ask for more, but now we’ve given our all

Nothing here looks the same

We’re tired, strained and out of luck